Live The Season enhanced by Ashtec

Seasonal ski holidays are a specialist type of extended holiday and Marcellus and Katie Pryor established Live the Season to help skiers and boarders find their perfect winter home to enjoy the benefits of living in a ski resort all season long.

Live the Season seeks to quickly match its customers to available properties from across the various ski resorts and so it was a critical part of Ashtec’s design brief to produce a functionally rich home page that could provide a fast contextual search of various property databases against customer criteria as well as to promote particular properties.

Having a site covering a number of countries required careful consideration of the cookie and banner policies based on various regional laws.

The site is up and running and is a strong demonstration of Ashtec’s ability to build or enhance functionally rich websites beyond our cutting-edge designs.

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Knitmania UK by Ashtec Consultancy

What do you do if you’re an innovative knitwear designer looking to expand your business by working with offshore manufacturing?  Clearly it’s important that suppliers take you seriously and understand the opportunity you present to them to grow their business, in addition to helping them realise your passion for quality and the fast execution required in the fashion industry.

Knitmania realised that they could best achieve this with an educational website that was strong on visual imagery for people who do not necessary have English as a first language.

Stepping up to the challenge, Ashtec has delivered an informative one-pager website, produced in a clean black and white design that targeted two simple messages: “who we are?” and “what we do?”   The “who we are?” section comes first and is supported by a corporate video shot by Ashtec for the site.  Using material from a shoot at their offices the short piece shows the story of a garment from design to catwalk.

Knitmania can now inform any supplier through a web link exactly who they are and what they expect from a potential supplier.

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Lava Lounge Bar by Ashtec Consultancy

When Leicester’s own Lava Lounge was ready to launch a new cocktail menu with special offers a website that reflected its party personality was high on the “must have” list. Apart from the overall design aesthetic, having a “responsive web design” that would serve content onto the full range of portable devices used by its customers was a key requirement.

Ashtec Consultancy has stepped up, taking the company colours of Red, Orange and Black we’ve created a straightforward site with a simple clean design that clearly communicates what Lava Lounge is all about, Cocktails, music and a party atmosphere.

To help the owners keep the site fresh, we’ve provided them with a straightforward Content Management tool and our design and delivery service included training to get them up to speed.
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Ashtec is proud to announce the launch of a new website for FairFax Tax and Accounts.

FairFax Tax and Accounts are a fully qualified chartered accounts that provide expert tax and accounting advice for small to medium sized businesses.

Their team understands the needs of businesses because unlike many other accountants they have owned and managed their own businesses in the past. The team has a mix of experience that enables them to provide top level tax and accountancy service’s whilst remaining customer focused.

They are a professional team delivering outstanding service to their customers.

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Ashtec always committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Homecare Website by Ashtec Consultancy

Homecare Website by Ashtec Consultancy – We’ve been busy on a number of new and exciting projects over the last few weeks.
Wish we could tell you more!!!

We recently launched a new website Helpful Homecare

Take a look and let us know what you think?

Always committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction.