HMRC Investigation

Make your business HMRC-compliant

It is an unspoken rule that any company that does business in the UK must maintain accounting books with 100% accuracy and comply with the rules set by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

This is especially important because HMRC is empowered to investigate any business, regardless of any credible reason. Any lapse in the form of unintentional mislead, or failure to comply by their laws, and you come under the HMRC suspicion radar, which makes an investigation, inevitable.

This could affect your reputation and also damage your hard earned reputation.

Maintain your company’s reputation

Ashtec Consultancy has extensive experience in handling HMRC investigations for a wide range of customers in UK. We have in-depth knowledge of HMRC investigation’s modus operandi and protocols.

We provide professional HMRC investigation handling services in which you get full help in liaising, negotiation, and handling. We also act on your behalf as your representative, saving you the trouble of getting your hands dirty. We ensure minimal impact, accuracy of books, minimum penalties, and maximum savings.

We endeavour to safeguard your assets and reputation to best of our abilities. We strive to ensure that you are fully compliant and all your documents and books are 100% accurate.

Our friendly and transparent approach lowers the risk of any fallout. Additionally, we ensure that you come out clean, without incurring heavy penalties.

If HMRC compliancy is on your mind. Contact us.