Social Media Marketing

Engage with your audience, directly

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and the likes have revolutionised marketing. Thanks to them, brands are now able to reach their customers in an entirely new way, and are also able to address their needs and desires, better. They are also able to attract more customers with exclusive social-media deals, and offers.

There is a misconception, however, that opening up a brand page on a social media platform will give a brand the reach it needs. Many brands that get “social”, fizzle out a few days later. Hence, to effectively market on social media, one needs a comprehensive social media strategy.

Spread the word; reap the benefits

At Ashtec Consultancy, we help you use social media channels to market your brand and achieve your business objectives, effectively. In addition, we help you build your brand, online, enhance brand awareness, and consolidate brand loyalty. We work with you to develop a comprehensive social media strategy, which complements your business objectives and digital strategy. We ensure that the developed content (offers/launches, and the likes) is engaging to your target audience and thus, highly shareable. Along with this, we also engage content curators to help you get the maximum viral outreach.

And since we know that SEO is an inextricable and important part of social media marketing, we combine both to offer you a better reach and ROI.

If you are looking to make your voice heard on the social media circuit. Contact us.