Bookkeeping gives your business, a direction

Any organisation focused on growth knows that bookkeeping is one of its most crucial investments. It’s like the backbone of the organization, not just for legal compliance’s but also for making strategic business decisions.

However it is not always feasible to have an in-house accounts team to handle your bookkeeping and other accounts related requirements, because it translates to investment in resources and infrastructure.

Efficient bookkeeping gives it an impetus

Ashtec Consultancy is the leading bookkeeping service provider in UK. Our team of bookkeeping experts has extensive experience in working with different companies from a wide variety of industries.

We offer you professional bookkeeping services whether you are a sole trader, start up, partnership, limited company, or a large organization.

We handle all your bookkeeping functions from cash-flow management, invoices, bank accounts, budgeting, to VAT and payroll.

We also collect and analyse the data and information we get, so you could use this information when you make business decisions.

Outsource your bookkeeping & save your time and resources. Contact us.