Image to HTML

Load images faster without losing its original look

Images are crucial to websites, e-mailers, and the likes. They give them the much-needed visual appeal and also help convey the message across, effectively. But they also come with their own set of challenges. In order to optimise them for the web (and thus load faster) often the image’s quality suffers. If low in quality, the image fails to impress. And if too high a quality, it takes a long while to load, thus killing the very purpose for which it was designed.

Improve Search Engine Results Page (SERP) results

Ashtec Consultancy offers high-quality image to HTML conversion services. Our professional team of web designers specialise in converting PSD, JPG, still GIF, PNG, or AI images to XHTML or CSS. Our fast processing capability enables us to minimize turnaround time without compromising on design and quality standards. And the converted images are optimised to upload faster, are compatible with all popular browsers, and above all, SEO friendly.

We strictly comply with W3C standards. Our coding standards are among the best, because we follow strict naming conventions, include easily editable comment descriptions, and our coding is effectively optimized for better SEO. This, in turn, helps your website to get easily indexed by search engines and thus secure better rankings.

If you want to effectively optimize your image to HTML. Contact us.