Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay just for clicks and get free brand exposure

These days Pay Per Click (PPC) is gaining a lot of popularity among companies wanting to market on the Internet. This, because when you opt for a PPC campaign, your brand/marketing offer gets free exposure, since you only pay for the number of clicks you buy, not for the number of times your ad is flashed.

But this very advantage can turn into disadvantage if your campaign is not planned well. In fact, under the guise of impressions, you may end up paying more for clicks than you should. Also, if your ad does not lead the visitor to right page, the whole point of click-based-luring, fails.

Showcase your brands on popular social platforms

At Ashtec Consultancy, we have a team of PPC campaign experts who test and evaluate your ad before the campaign starts. And if you choose to get your ad done with us, we have resources for that too. We analyse titles, meta-descriptions, and landing pages for the keyword(s) you choose. We also liaison with popular ad networks like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and the likes, so you can run your campaign on your chosen platform.

We give you daily/weekly/monthly reports that help you fine-tune your campaign. We also offer you the best rates per click, and see to it that your brand never falls prey to false gimmicks. And if you wish to boost up your campaign, we have SEO and email marketing campaigns too.

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