Flash Design

Impress your audience with some cool Flash graphics

Your website is your representative on the World Wide Web. It advertises your capability and services to the world. Whether you use it to sell or showcase your services, it is important that you keep your audience engaged for the period that they are on your website. Studies show that an impressed audience is more likely to comes back for more and also recommend your website/service to others. Of course, web design is a strategic element in the engagement process but static graphics alone won’t yield the desired results. You need the added power of Flash animation.

Due to its engaging nature, Flash animation coaxes your target audience to explore your website, and thus engage with your brand in the process. This ensures that the experience is carried forward in the form of a re-visit and/or a share on social platforms.

Make them stay and have your way

At Ashtec Consultancy, we have a team of Flash designers who are experts in developing advanced animated programs, web apps, tools, and animation that are not just engaging but also informative. We offer you a range of Flash design services ranging from logos, banners, animations, presentations, template, website, games, and rich Internet-apps, to 2D & 3D animation. We provide you with the best in class Flash solutions that are affordable and accurately tailored to your needs.

Our designs are based on your business requirement and your target audience’s psychology. They engage your audience, effectively, and ensure that it gets the job done, right! And if you wish for that extra punch, our digital marketing strategist can also help your content go viral on social media platforms. This way your website would be able to attract more targeted organic traffic and get the exposure it needs.

If you would like to add the magic of Flash to your website. Contact us.