CRM Development

Customise your customer’s experience

The key to any business’ growth is a happy customer. And to keep the customer happy, one has to tap into their needs, understand their requirements, and then provide a service that is tailored accordingly. But this is easier said than done, for it is impractical (and expensive) to personally approach each customer to figure out their needs and then give them exactly what they want. Hence, it becomes imperative for businesses to opt for an innovative solution like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

CRM helps you to reduce cost, improve management, and enhance your customer’s experience. A custom-built CRM system enables your business to optimise interactions, increase speed of delivery, and achieve a better rate of return.

Get what you want; give what they like

Ashtec Consultancy provides you with customised CRM development services, tailored specifically to your business requirements and objectives. We have a team of CRM technicians and experts who come together and develop a system that maximises efficiency and improves data management. Our consultative approach ensures that our team first understands all your short & long-term challenges, and business goals. Thereafter, we develop a CRM solution that is designed to not just overcome these challenges but also to optimise systems and achieve a remarkably high ROI.

We provide various services ranging from open source CRM customisation, bespoke CRM development, to CRM integration, and migration services. Our quintessential CRM solution boasts of sophisticated features and functionality, aimed to empower your business in becoming highly customer-friendly. In addition, we can also integrate CRM systems with your website and IT back-end systems to enable a seamlessly end-to-end solution that delivers the desired results.

Give your customers the best they deserve. Contact us.