Web Hosting

If you won’t wait, don’t make them wait

Anyone who uses Internet is spoilt for choice. If a website does not load within the first few seconds of entering the URL or clicking the link, the user won’t think twice before moving on to the next available option. Why others? You would do the same thing, yourself!

But what causes this delay? Often the cause of this slow speed is a poor web hosting service, a factor that is much neglected by website owners. A probable cause is that powerful hosting needs advance infrastructure to consistently keep your website up and running. However, the cost of IT architecture is quite high. Add other miscellaneous costs to it and such a proposition becomes impossible for small and medium-sized businesses.

Give your website a power boost

Ashtec Consultancy provides you everything from web hosting services, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers to special e-commerce hosting services. Each of it is packed with free building tools and other services. Our advanced IT infrastructure is capable of managing heavy data/graphics websites, easily. Plus, our dedicated servers come with a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Furthermore, our hosting team is just a call/click away. The team works as your in-house dedicated team to help you manage your website on a daily basis. They provide you with regular reports that contain essential facts and figures, collected during analytics and web traffic history. This, in turn, can help you improve your engagement process and conversion rate.

Don’t let bad hosting kill your website. Contact us.