Email Marketing

The easiest way to reach out to customers

Since the inception of Internet, email has been one its most important components. This holds true not just for its communication efficiency but for its marketing prowess, as well. Even today in the Web 2.0 phase, email is still a relevant and important channel for businesses to market and promote their services. Furthermore, it enables you to personalise marketing messages and develop a one-to-one relationship with customers.

But email’s far reach and communication ability can also be its downfall, simply because if a marketing email is not personalised or designed effectively, it can be marked as spam, and thus fall flat on its face.

From the inbox to the customer’s mind

Ashtec Consultancy offers you a wide range of email marketing services that are designed to interest, attract, and engage your customer. This, in turn, helps you connect with your target audience, foster brand recall, and help you enhance their experience. Our email marketing campaigns are designed to help minimise comparison, develop brand identity, promote loyalty, and deliver maximum value by acquiring business opportunities and increasing sales.

Our services range from customer relationship management, promotion, and email campaigns management, to customer acquisition, conversion, and retention services. We can also help you devise marketing strategies to collect emails from your target audience, effectively.

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