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Project Management

Good projects need better management

The business landscape has undergone many changes in the last decade. It has become more complex and intricately connected with various dots in a business system. In order to overcome these challenges, projects now require more budget allocation, human resource, technical expertise, and advance infrastructure. This translates to an increase in expenditure; something no start-up or SMB can afford; especially when it does not translate into guaranteed success.

A smart solution would be to invest in a project management service that is equipped to handle your project and give it the platform it needs to thrive.

Successful projects translates to better profits

Ashtec Consultancy is a professional project management consultant that provides you high-quality project management services. We have designed our services to help you achieve exceeding outcomes within the set budget, on time, every time.

For each project, we appoint a dedicated team with a project manager to efficiently and single-mindedly work on your project. The project manager is the sole touch point for you to convey all your requirements, data and information, tweaks, and changes to the team. We also allow you to connect with the team, discuss with them, and also supervise/monitor their work.

Our SDLC process consists of well-defined development, integration, and testing phases. The development phase we implement are proven methodologies – waterfall, agile (Scrum, XP etc.) and hybrid model – optimised to achieve desired results for different types of projects. For our tailored project management solutions, we have streamlined and optimised our methodologies to deliver first-in-class services.

Our project management services and solutions include:
– Business Analysis
– Cost Management
– Change Management
– Contract Negotiation
– Communication Management
– Project Governance
– Planning & Scheduling
– Quality Management
– RAIDC Management
– Resource Management
– Scope Management
– Stakeholder Management
– Vendor Selection
– Vendor Management

Our monitoring and controlling processes are optimised to keep your project on track, always. Furthermore, our quality assurance team is equipped with technology to ensure that the project outcomes are always above par and comfortably crosses quality standards. We offer project management solutions for software development, web development & designing, digital marketing, and accountancy services.

Know how you can manage project, efficiently. Contact us.