Affiliate Marketing

Generate more leads at a lesser cost

In affiliate marketing you create links with ‘affiliates’, and these ‘affiliates’ sell or promote your offerings to your target customers. Traditionally, affiliate marketing was only popular with people who wanted to make some money on the Internet. But this trend is slowly changing. These days businesses that want to build an online presence are also turning to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing gives you dual advantage – one, it helps you build links and second, it help you generate leads. The proposition looks quite simple and enticing but its implementation and management is not so. An incorrectly chosen affiliate may not just give you wrong leads; it could also jeopardise your brand’s reputation. Therefore, you need professional assistance to help you develop a proper strategy, provide you a network of affiliates, implement the strategy, and monitor it consistently to ensure best results within your budget.

More leads translates to better sales

Ashtec Consultancy has a vast network of carefully handpicked affiliates. These affiliates are responsible, reliable, and proactive, which ensures that you get higher and better leads without compromising on ethical practices. Furthermore, our cost-per-acquisition model enables you to pay only for the customer that you acquire through affiliates. No need to pay for views, clicks, etc. Our dedicated affiliate marketing team works with you to generate better sales volume and helps you derive maximum profits at a lower cost. We manage your brand, responsibly, and ensure that you get the desired results.

We offer you end-to-end affiliate marketing services, right from account set-up, budgeting & cost management, and affiliates selection to sales pitching, advertisement, and banners development. We also integrate your SEO strategy with affiliate marketing in order to boost your SEO results. Furthermore, our flexible approach ensures that you get the full leverage to explore newer business opportunities and achieve higher ROI.

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