Even the smallest companies today are expected to go beyond a simple web presence and into the realm of digital marketing, opening accounts on Twitter, Facebook and beyond. The challenge is keeping these digital channels regularly supplied with relevant content in the right tone of voice for that channel. Social Media marketing is a long-term investment that is rather like owning an active dog: it needs to be walked every day, no matter the weather or how busy you are.

For smaller businesses there are already too few hours in the day to keep up with things without having to give up more time to exercise the social media beast.

Fortunately, there are powerful tools available that allow Digital Marketing teams to keep a steady flow of content that builds customer engagement. For companies without the time or dedicated resource, experts at Ashtec can be your dog walker, our writing and digital marketing team will use the same industrial-strength tools to deliver a steady flow of engaging content to your customers and prospects. Contact Us us today to learn more.

Ashtec announces the launch of its Digital Marketing service